nurse shark

Watch: Husband Captures Nurse Shark Biting Wife

Nurse shark takes a bite of  this new bride in the Caribbean.

Sarah Illig and her husband Evan Carroll were just trying to enjoy their honeymoon in the Carribbean. However, they left with a totally different kind of memory after a snorkeling trip went wrong.

nurse shark bit her arm, and her husband caught the whole thing on video using a GoPro camera.

"Evan had the GoPro underwater filming and couldn't even tell it happened since he was above water!" Illig wrote later after posting the video to social media.

The video quickly went viral.

While the bite looked nasty in the photos taken afterwards, but Illig didn't actually get any stitches for the injury.

"Only had a bunch of flesh wounds along my arm," she later wrote. "We were worried about staph or another infection but it's healing great!"

Nurse sharks don't generally attacks humans, but it does happen every once in a while. She's fortunate the animal let go quickly. Others who have suffered bites from this species haven't been as lucky. One thing is for sure, though. This couple left with honeymoon memory they won't soon forget!