lost lures

Watch This Guy Go Fishing with Crusty Lost Lures Found on the River Bottom

Here's a challenge: catching fish on crusty old lost lures.

So, everyone has stumbled across a lost lure from time to time. Maybe you've even used one you found to catch a fish once.

But did you ever try heading to the river with just a pole, diving into the river, finding whatever lost lures you could, and then catching fish with them? Well, that's just what YouTuber Jiggin' With Jordan attempted at the request of his viewers.

It's quite the interesting fishing challenge.

You may recognize this guy from some of DALLMYD's videos which we've shared in the past. And if you've seen those videos, you know that sometimes they run across some really nice lost lures in their underwater adventures.

Many of those past finds would have worked out very well for this challenge.

But... this time out he didn't find anything quite that nice. Those were some seriously crappy lures he had to work with. I have to agree, the fact he caught anything on that junk is a victory all by itself!

Nice work on cleaning up the river and finding a unique way to have fun with it in the process Jordan!