cape buffalo charges
YouTube: Henk Jacobs

Cape Buffalo Charges Hunters in White-Knuckle Clip

If you ever talk to a hunter who's tried his or her luck out in South Africa, chances are they'll be quick to tell just how tough and ill-tempered a Cape buffalo is, as few humans ever want to find themselves staring down a bull without anywhere to hide. However, Africa isn't exactly known for taming wilderness, so anyone who treks into the land these animals call home is taking their chances. We see just how quickly things can turn side ways in the following video, as a group of hunters attempts to stalk a bull, only to realize it's feeling cornered when they've already gotten too close, which results in the massive animal charging right at them.

Although cape buffalo charges aren't particularly common, particularly if they aren't wounded first. However, we're about to see that while rare, a charge is still entirely possible at any time in thise parts.

Watch the video below:

These hunters only had seconds to react when the Cape Buffalo charge began in thick cover at close range, but they were on their toes and made their shots count. Luckily, everyone except for the buffalo managed to walk away from the encounter.

Did you notice how shaken that hunter was afterwards? Go back and watch what happens when he ejects the fired cartridge from his rifle after his finishing shot into the buffalo.

Finally, this is a good example why it's so important to be adequately armed on a cape buffalo hunting safari.

Yes, cartridges like the .45-70 Govt and .450 Marlin will work just fine under ideal conditions, but you don't always get to hunt under ideal conditions. That's why serious heavy hitting cartridges like the .375 H&H, .416 Rigby, and .458 Lott are all so popular for buffalo hunts.

Remember: cape buffalo are considered dangerous game for a reason. They can soak up an incredible amount of lead, so it's vital to use enough gun and place your shots appropriately.

Those things will help reduce the odds of a cape buffalo charge involving a wounded buffalo in the first place. But if one does end up occurring, a big enough gun will also help stop a charge safely.