Watch: 3 Videos of People Baking Things in Their Hot Cars

Want to become the next Car Chef?

Yeah, it's summer, and it's hot.

Across the country, temperatures have reached the kind of heights needed to actually bake things in your naturally sun-heated vehicle.

Here are our favorite videos of regular folks converting their vehicles into an oven.

1. Cookies

In this Howcast video, you'll enjoy the detailed instructions on how to turn your car into an oven using potholders, towels, and other contraptions. Note the strategic placement of a thermometer to view the car's temperature through the windshield, where 180°F is recommended for a two to three-and-a-half hour baked cookie cooking time.

Remember, they will look paler than usual!

2. Pizza

In this video by Steinbach Online, hosts Courtney and Dorinda try to bake a pizza on a car's dashboard. At a local pizza shop, they prep a pizza before placing it on a dashboard tray, providing light commentary throughout the process

After three hours, the pizza finally comes to life, brown crust and all.

3. Eggs and Bacon

Unlike the first two, this clip shows an Australian (yeah, it's hot there too) attempting to cook bacon on the dashboard of his car.

Not exactly sizzling, but it got the job done!