snake slithers from roof to a tree.
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Watch: 16-Foot Python Slithers Across House Roof in Unreal Footage

While the snake may be known as a carpet snake, it doesn't hesitate to climb into a tree.

While we get used to seeing large python stories coming out of Florida, most of those are invasive Burmese Pythons captured and culled by hunters (especially during the Florida python challenge). For Australia, large creatures take on a whole new meaning. From large spiders, bugs, and prehistoric-looking animals, they seem to have it all. So when a massive python decided to do a little roof surfing,  it was just another Sunday afternoon.

A recent video posted to TikTok shows a gravity-defying carpet python slithering from a rooftop to a nearby tree. The astonishing video has amassed over 25 million views in two days, and it's easy to see why. The video opens with a view of the snake's large body slinking along the roof line as its head wraps into a nearby tree.

An Australian family looks on from their covered patio, impressed by the giant reptile. The caption read, "Only in Australia will you see a 5-meter-long Carpet Snake in the suburbs." Only in Australia, indeed! As the video continues, the family has mixed feelings about their new slithery neighbor. One little one and the dad decide they are out quite early on. "Dad doesn't like snakes," you can hear someone say.

The remaining child asks, "How will we get him away?" A woman replies, "We won't." They sit in silence, watching the snake for a bit longer. Almost as if he knew he had an audience, the snake pauses in the first tree and looks out at the family.



Only in Australia will you see a 5 metre long Carpet Snake in the suburbs. PART 2 now available! #snake #onlyinaustralia?? #sellthehouse

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The child asks what kind of snake it is to which the woman reples, "A carpet snake." The kid asks the question that everyone at home was already thinking, "How can he climb a tree?" TikTok commenters had a field day with the fact that the snake is called a carpet snake. Many wondered (right along side the kid) why it was hanging out over 10 feet in the air when it's name so clearly implies that is should be on the ground. Unfortunatley, it led many to the not so pleasant conclusion that snakes can in fact climb trees. One that was verified by an Australian snake expert via Yahoo News Australia.

Snake Catcher Dan told the outlet, "They reach out for a strong point, then they use muscle and weight to hold to themselves up before stretching out to the next spot."

He added, "It's quite common to see carpet pythons in trees, either soaking up the sun, avoiding dogs or people or hunting birds and possums. I find more pythons on the ground hunting than I do in the trees, but it's not uncommon."

Carpet pythons are native to Australia and usually grow up to 13 feet long. However, this tree scaling giant was around 16 feet in length. Pythons are massive reptiles that can grow well past their average length. The largest one recorded was a 33-foot-long python discovered in Indonesia in 1912.

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