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Toddler Finds a 4-Foot-Long Carpet Snake in Home Toilet

An apartment complex in Seattle's Lake City area received a strange but true phone call about a snake in a toilet. A Seattle family was recovering from Thanksgiving shenanigans when their young daughter came across a rather unusual and uninvited visitor in their bathroom.

Peeking up from the toilet bowl was a four-foot-long carpet snake.

The toddler's parents called the apartment complex, and two employees came by to remove the reptile, then called the Seattle Police Department. They handed over the snake to Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society. Experts are still trying to figure out how the snake got up into the toilet pipes.

The family is still a little scared to sit on the toilet bowl...

These snakes are not native to the state of Washington, leading officials to believe the reptile is an escaped or abandoned pet. According to KIRO 7, the owner was identified and may be in some trouble for keeping the snake in the apartment complex.

This is not the first time a snake has been found in the toilet. Similar incidents have been reported in places in Southeast Asia, like Cambodia and Thailand, Australia, and elsewhere.

This post was originally published on November 30, 2017.

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