Ice Anglers Catch Giant Sturgeon, Swear Like Pirates

Talk about a surprise catch! How excited would you be to pull a dinosaur from your ice fishing hole? Check out the hefty sturgeon this guy landed.

Pulling a large fish, any large fish, up through a hole in the ice is one of the more exciting moments for an angler. It's like opening an awesome Christmas present, only better.

But when that large fish happens to be gigantic sturgeon, it's like getting a doubly awesome present that you never imagined you'd ever receive.

Warning: There is some blue language in this video.

This ice fisherman is clearly a little nervous at the prospect of catching what he says will be the largest fish he's ever caught.

He exclaims, "It's the biggest fish I've ever seen in my life," while his female cameraman declares, "We need to make the hole bigger. That's crazy!"

With the aid of two other anglers, who speak with a Slavic dialect and seem to have experience with sturgeon, he is able to land the beast. It's quite a moment when they haul the big "beluga," as the assisting fishermen call it, from the ice.

Everyone's happy, laughing and congratulating him on this once-in a-lifetime catch.

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