Walnut Hollow Turkey Plaques, a Beautiful Way to Display Your Big Tom

Searching for a way to display your turkey kill from this year? Look no further than Walnut Hollow.

If you're like me, you love the aspect of taxidermy and adding mounts to your hunting room. Not only does it look incredible, but it is a constant reminder of the work, sweat, and time you put into the hunt.

You can set your eyes on a certain piece, and the sights and sounds from that exact hunt flood your mind and make you wish it was season again. So when displaying your turkey fans and beards, why not go with the highest quality plaque out there to make those memories pop?

walnut art 1

There are a lot of different styles of plaques out there these days. Barnwood, stained wood, metal, and the list goes on and on. With many different shapes, sizes, and designs to choose, it can be difficult to decide if you are indecisive.. Being pretty particular with which one I chose, with some research I finally elected the Walnut Hollow Turkey Display Kit. More specifically the Oak "Grand Slam Series."


For many reasons, I feel like these are your best route for a quality show piece. Made entirely of oak, these plaques are incredibly sturdy and durable and well balanced to hang on the wall. Easy made turkey fan slots requires no drilling and there is also a cutout slot for your tom's beard to hang from.



Not to mention, the wood is of the highest quality and is easy on the eyes.

The feature that makes Walnut Hollow's products stand above the rest in the market is the wide variety and high quality images on the plaques. With many different images to choose from, you can pick one that best fits the species you harvest as well as an image that you think reflects your style the most.



Beyond that, you can even customize your own and choose an image of yourself to place on it. A pretty neat twist to a usually rather standard and simple piece.

Another capability that makes these plaques nice in my opinion is the size and surface area. As you can see in some of the pictures, I usually remove the turkey legs at the joint. Just a different way of showcasing the spurs and using as much of the turkey as possible.

With the bigger surface area, it allows you to super glue the feet and spurs onto the mount giving it a very cool and realistic touch. That is just an option, and I am sure there is other options you could come up with.

walnut hollow 3

walnut hollow 2

With all this said, the Walnut Hollow display pieces from the Grand Slam Series are very affordable. At a manageable cost of $30 (and even less for some other styles), the quality and looks of the plaques you get is a steal.

Highly recommended and a great piece to any hunting room for a turkey hunter. But Walnut Hollow's great work doesn't stop there. Make sure to check them out for all kinds of taxidermy displays.

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