Wait Until You See the Disgusting Thing he Pulls Out of This Fish

When you see the parasite that this guy digs out of this fish you'll be truly amazed. And then you'll hurl your lunch.

There may be several possibilities as to what this freak of nature is that ate its way inside of this unfortunate fish, but here are the two most likely:

It's either the venerable tongue-eating sea louse, or the lovely Anilocra gigantea.

View this on an empty stomach:

At first it looks like one of our favorite fishes, the perch. Certainly if perch carried that beauty of a parasite we'd spend a lot more time looking them over while we were cleaning them.

Usually the sea louse attaches itself to the the animal's tongue, so it's the Anilocra gigantea?

Who cares! Get a flamethrower and a match and put both of them out of their misery.

Okay, you can go for that sushi now.