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You’ll Believe Perch in Sweden Are This Big After You Read This

Swedish guide Erik Petersson has been putting clients on perch like this for some time, here's how.

Get ready to believe that perch this size are real, and that you can catch them. When I last wrote about Fishing in Sweden's Erik Petersson he was already in the midst of a perch honey hole you wouldn't believe. Furthermore, some thought that it may never happen again.

One e-mail later in August 2016 and I received news that Erik was at it again! Here's one slob that he put a friend on:

swedish perch

In one day of perch fishing he and his angling friend had landed four perch that weighed a stunning 3-pounder, two 3.5-pounders, and one that almost clocked in at five pounds. 

swedish perch.

The epic 4.8-pounder is guide Petersson's personal best. The girth alone on the above pictured fish is a whopping 41 centimeters, or over 16 inches! There are some of us that struggle to catch largemouth bass that size. All these brute perch were caught (and released) by slow rolling live-bait along the bottom.

Fishing in Sweden spokesman, business, and marketing guru Michael Kleemann told me via e-mail: "Erik is the most recent addition to our team as he just joined officially at the start of 2016."  The 'Fishing in Sweden' experience can be had by anyone who wishes to take part in some of the country's best fishing by simply following this link.

Michael told me "We teamed up to create a win-win situation by offering professional guided fishing tours and high quality lake side accommodations. Fishing in Sweden was born, with a strong focus on fishing for northern pike, zander (the European walleye relative, some also say pike-perch) and arctic char."

Stay tuned for more information about these professional Swedish fishing folks, their mentor Henrik Olsson, and where it all began!

Photos via Fishing in Sweden courtesy Michael Kleemann


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You’ll Believe Perch in Sweden Are This Big After You Read This