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Volcano Eruption Causes Crazy Shock Blast for Boaters

Volcano Shock Wave

Shock wave from volcano eruption almost enough to knock over boaters.

Apparently, when volcanoes erupt they send out quite a shock wave. That makes sense, but I wouldn't have thought much of it before seeing the video below.

Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea

Boom goes the volcano!!! Wait for the SHOCK!!!

Posted by JukinVideo on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Watching a volcano erupt is cool enough for most of us. Throw in the fact that you're floating on the water and then experience the power of the shock wave that comes after eruption, and you've got quite the crazy experience. The shock wave comes a few seconds after the initial eruption is visible on the video. Frankly, it sounds like a gun shot. Who wants to try it next?

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Volcano Eruption Causes Crazy Shock Blast for Boaters