This Visualization of Traffic Puts It All in Perspective

This simple GIF presents a powerful argument for taking public transit.

Published to Twitter by user @ValaAfshar, this is some powerful imagery of what city streets would look like if 200 car riders sitting in city traffic took alternative forms of transportation.

Looking at the GIF, 200 people in 177 cars take up two full city blocks in downtown Seattle's five-lane 2nd Avenue. You might not notice that on the first watch, but those cars stretch far into the distance.

By comparison, the same amount of people riding bicycles can fit in just one lane - though they still fill two city blocks. Those people sitting on three city buses would take up half of that, with the winner of the space-saving contest a light rail train.

In short, a rail car can carry the same amount of people in 1/20th of the space. Mind-boggling, the more you think about it.


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