double-barrel AR-15

Video: YouTuber Dual-Wields Double-Barrel AR-15 Rifles

When one double-barrel AR-15 just isn't quite enough.

Some shooters out there just want as much firepower as they can get their hands on. These individuals generally appreciate the capabilities of a high-quality, long-range rifle. They respect the rich history of the more traditional firearms. But, firepower trumps everything when it comes to guns that make their trigger fingers quiver.

Well, Andrew from GY6vids is a shooter who lands in this category. And, this time he has more firepower than anyone would ever need: two double-barrel AR-15s. And, he decides to shoot both of them at the same time!

Watch this fearless YouTuber fire four magazines of ammunition through four AR-15 barrels simultaneously.

Is anyone else feeling jealous they don't get to take these rifles for a test drive?

While this does look incredibly fun, it sure is a fast way to run up the ammo bill.