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Video: We Just Found Your New Duck Hunting Paradise

Tennessee has a new duck hunting grand hotel that you can visit right here.

When David Blakley's Guide Service said they were "going to put her up in the trees," they weren't kidding. Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee is the backdrop for one of the most over-the-top duck hunting experiences you may ever have.

This lodge was built to house the duck hunter's wildest dreams of success and comfort while giving him (or her) an experience to remember. When you see all the features this thing has, you'll be dialing the included number to see if it's available. 

Here's what it looks like to be able to chase puddle ducks to your heart's content and never leave your living room. The only trouble is, if you ever have the chance to come here, you may never leave!

To get a taste of what it was like to build this amazing hunting paradise (dubbed the Trump Tower) you can see it right here. They have so many decoys in that water, it looks like there's no place for the ducks to land!

It may be a little late to sign up for this amazing experience, but as of Nov. 13, the David Blakley Guide Service said, "Hey guys we still have some week days available for this duck season if anyone would like to book a hunt in the infamous Trump Tower or the Morgue timber holes just give us a call or shoot us a message thanks for your time hope to see y'all soon! 731-442-1073."

Duck hunting may never be the same!

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