Video: Watch These Fishing YouTubers Prank Bass Pro Customers!

These guys don't hold back when it comes to messing with people!

You have to watch these YouTubers prank Bass Pro customers. You'll be slapping your knees at how funny some of these fishing pranks are.

As they said in the beginning, they decided pick pranks for each other because neither team won their previous fishing challenge. These anglers were good-natured about the whole thing and got a few laughs out of a few unsuspecting Walmart and Bass Pro Shops customers.

Did you see how close that one guy came to getting punched? He thought taking the customer's Stetson would be funny, but he was probably scared he was about to get hit.

If you're looking for a way to publicly humiliate your friends, consider this type of prank. Be sure to film it, though, so you can laugh at it again and again.