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Video: Here's Some Tips on Using Poppers

Using poppers for top water bass fishing is a technique all anglers need to master.

If you topwater fish for bass, then you'll want to know about using poppers to help you catch even more fish. Check out this informational video from Mystery Tackle Box and get some pointers from the experts.

In case you missed it, this angler was using the the Lunkerhunt Kraken. When using poppers like this for topwater fishing, remember that cool and calm conditions are the best to fish in. This will typically be the late summer and early fall seasons.

When first casting, be sure to let the popper drop for a short time before reeling in the bait. These baits are made to perform better when being reeled in slowly after a short drop. Next time you're using poppers, note that it's best to pair these baits with a medium or light rod and floating line. Learn this technique and you'll definitely land more bass.


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Video: Here's Some Tips on Using Poppers