Jase Robertson

Video: Unrecognizable! Duck Dynasty Star Jase Robertson Shaves Off Iconic Beard for His Daughter's Charity

Check out Jase Robertson's new look, you may be shocked.

Duck Dynasty busted on to the scene and never looked back. The show's cast became almost larger than life with their down-to-earth personalities, big beards and witty humor. They became megastars who made beards and faith cool again, all while becoming some of the most recognizable people in our country. But now, Jase might not be so recognizable.

You will have to see it to believe it, but Jase Robertson cut ties with his iconic beard that became a staple for him and the Duck Dynasty crew. It wasn't just for kicks and giggles, but rather an awesome cause.

If you hadn't followed along with the show over the years, Jase's daughter Mia was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, and had to go through several surgeries to correct the issues growing up. Now she is a young and beautiful girl with a big heart who wants to help others like her.

So, her and her mother challenged Jase to shave his beard and hair to help raise money for her charity called Mia Moo. Here is the challenge post they made back on Father's Day:

Well, it happened and Jase went all in! It's crazy to think of how popular and recognizable he is, and now if he walked in the room and sat next to you, you probably would have no idea who he was. Here is Jase just minutes from the reveal, still hairy as ever.

Whether they had to use sheep shears or a chainsaw to get all of that hair off is to be determined, but he exited the bathroom and blessed the reveal party with his presence. And the shocked faces are priceless. The video is below, and it even includes a little Uncle Si and Phil.

It is almost strange to hear that voice coming from that man. The family noted it had been eight years since Jase had last shaved, and Jase said even he was shocked when he looked in the mirror.

Way to go Mia on helping a great cause! And kudos to Jase for doing a great thing.

Don't worry people, it will grow back! Unless Missy says otherwise, that is.