bass eats snake
YouTube: Justin Hoffman

Tourney Angler Manages to Hook a Bass and a Snake

There's no better lesson in how to approach a certain fishery's bass than discovering what they're eating in there. However, it's usually fairly predictable once you have a decent understanding of the different major types of fisheries, as ecosystems can be fairly consistent.

However, Cole Menard and Alex MacFarlane have a cool fish story to share that involves a bass, a snake, and pure shock. The pair were fishing a Bass Anglers Association club event July 29 on White Lake, located just outside of Ottawa, Ontario. Menard was pitching a jig and craw combo to a wide wooden dock when a good-sized bass hit. However, when he hoisted it in the boat, both anglers realized something just wasn't right. What they thought had to be a Senko worm in the mouth of the bass began to move, and they both realized it was in fact a live snake.

Here's the cool video:

"We removed the hook, removed the snake and put the fish in the livewell - as it was a decent keeper!" MacFarlane said. "Tossed the snake back in the water and watched it swim away. Definitely looked at home in the water."

The team finished in eighth place with a weight of 10.27 pounds. Although, if that bass had swallowed the snake, it's possible they could have even jumped up another place or two, depending on how tight the race was. Unfortunately this particular snake just wasn't all that big.

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