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Video: This is Why Shed Antlers Are Easier to Find on Cloudy Days

shed antlers

Why would clouds make for better shed hunting?

Most successful shed hunters will tell you the absolute best time to search is on cloudy days. This is something I've written about several times here at Wide Open Spaces.

YouTuber Don Mealey has gone a step further by making a video that shows exactly why sunny days aren't great for finding antlers. As a bonus, it also shows how quickly an antler can get eaten by squirrels and other critters.

This video isn't to say you can't find antlers on sunny days. I've done it. But as you can see, when it is sunny, you run into a lot of contrast with the leaf litter on the forest floor. The antler blends in better and is only really visible from one direction. On a cloudy day, it's a little easier to discern the tines among other debris in the woods from any direction.

This simple comparison helps show a big reason why I think most people struggle to find shed antlers. It really is this easy to miss them! It doesn't help how quickly rodents ate this antler up, either.

Mealey doesn't mention this, but I'll go a step further and say rainy days are even better for sheds because the rain mats down the leaves. Also, wet antlers shine in a way like nothing else in the woods. You can kind of see this when he first finds the antler.

Keep this video in mind next time you're out looking for sheds!


Video: This is Why Shed Antlers Are Easier to Find on Cloudy Days