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Man Lands 5-Pounder With a Construction Crane

It's probably safe to say this guy didn't use drag.

Every now and then, we see people try alternative fishing methods, with which they often summon spectacular results. Rather than turning to a rod and reel, many anglers out there prefer noodling, jug fishing, trotline fishing, bowfishing, spearfishing, etc.

The act of casting and reeling back in can get monotonous after a while, so everyone should try to mix it up sometimes.

But, have you ever heard of a crane fisherman? Well, you're about to meet one, as this guy decided to get creative with a crane while he was taking a break from work, and actually managed to catch a 5-pound catfish!

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Watch the video below:

It's worth noting that you'd need some pretty stout line to hold a bigger fish on there. However, if you did have some heavier line, like some trotline for example, this crane might make for a good place to tie off!

When setting out trotlines, there are two things you should always keep in mind. First, you want to obviously place it somewhere fish are bound to swim. Second, you want to tie it off on something that has some give. Something without give will present the risk of the fish breaking the line.

With a crane, you do actually get a little bit of give, as it would swing some if a big fish pulled. The only issue could be that it would have a pendulum effect, and could pull back against the fish.

However, the location is definitely up to par, as there's always plenty for fish to feed on in an industrial setting like this!