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Video: Who Says You Need a Lake to Catch Fish?

fishing on street
Facebook: Caloundra Fishing World

If you're lucky, sometimes the fish will just come to you.

Have you ever seen someone fishing a flooded ditch or what looks like a random puddle and thought they were crazy? You probably thought to yourself, "How could a fish ever make it all the way to a drainage ditch?"

Well, it happens far more often that you think. And, while it looks absolutely ridiculous when someone goes fishing somewhere that isn't a legitimate body of water, it actually can produce results.

In clip Caloundra Fishing World posted to Facebook, for example, an Australian fisherman decides to test his luck and throw a couple lines at a flooded street corner.

It almost looks like he's doing it as a joke when seeing it at first glance, but this was no joke.

Watch the video below:

According to the video description, this someone captured this footage in Caloundra, Queensland, on the corner gutter of Tay Avenue and Maloja Avenue near Bulcock Beach.

As the swell from Cyclone Oma continued to grow, this angler made a point to capitalize, and it worked.

By the end of the video, he had a fish to prove he wasn't messing around!

After seeing this guy come up with results, you'll probably think twice next time you see a flooded ditch, won't you? If nothing else, you'll probably look a little closer when you see someone else fishing in an unusual place.

We're praying for safety for everyone in the Sunshine Coast area of Australia as Cylone Oma continues to worsen. On the bright side, there are apparently some new fishing opportunities between Caloundra and Golden Beach, so take advantage!



Video: Who Says You Need a Lake to Catch Fish?