Son Shoots Gum Right Out of Mom's Mouth with NERF Gun on Mother's Day

What did you do for your mom on Mother's Day? Shot her gum out of her mouth...

Looks like this kid needs to take up some type of hunting because he is a dead eye with this NERF gun. Now of course, pointing a gun, even if a NERF gun, at someone is bad gun safety practice, but holy smokes!

His mom gets a nice little surprise on Mother's Day, and a gift I am sure she will never forget. If his mom isn't mad about it, should we be? He smokes her chewing gum and leaves them noth laughing hysterically.

If you don't believe it, here is a picture he snapped to prove it. As well as the video below.

nerf gun

If he can hit a piece of gum like that, imagine what he could do to a squirrel or a duck.

Now don't get any crazy ideas, children. I don't believe all moms would react this way to you shooting NERF guns at their faces.

But, if you do, make sure it isn't on Mother's Day like this guy. Give her flowers that day, not a NERF bullet to the lips.

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