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Video: Snowmobilers Come to the Rescue of Moose Stuck in Newfoundland Snow

Andrew Emberley/YouTube

Here's our first wildlife rescue story of 2018.

A quick glance at the pictures and it becomes obvious this moose had no chance of saving itself from the snowy bog hole it stumbled into. Lucky for her, some snow angels showed up and lent a hand.

Jonathan Anstey and his friends came across the stuck moose while riding the fresh powder Dec. 30 in western Newfoundland, Canada. While veering off a main road, the group of riders spotted only the head of the animal poking out from some 6 feet of snow.


The group immediately jumped in to help, grabbing shovels and digging a trench far enough behind the animal to avoid thrashing legs if it became spooked.


After some digging, one of the riders rode up behind the animal in hopes of coaxing it to turn around.

"The moose actually realized it had footing on solid ground and managed to pull himself out of the hole," Anstey told Global News.


Here's video footage of the rescue:

Job well done, fellas.

Images Courtesy of Jonathan Anstey/Facebook.

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Video: Snowmobilers Come to the Rescue of Moose Stuck in Newfoundland Snow