Credit: RIPTA/Youtube

Video Shows a Deer Crashing into a Bus for a Change

A win for angry driver apologists everywhere.

People are used to the idea of a car hitting a deer, but it turns out that it happens the other way around, too. Video emerged this week of a deer crashing into a bus in Warwick, Rhode Island.

According to an announcement from the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, the bus driver is being praised for his quick thinking and grace under pressure after Monday's incident, which injured three people and killed the deer.

Christopher Durand, RIPTA interim chief executive officer, said bus driver Leocadio Hernandez demonstrated an "exemplary response to this unique situation."

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"His exceptional alertness and composure under pressure ensured the safety of all passengers," Durand said. "This incident underscores the dedication and professionalism of our drivers in maintaining the highest standards of safety and care for our community."

Hernandez told local media that the deer crashing into his bus was a first for him. "First time and hopefully the last one," he said.

Hernandez explained that he saw the deer a second or two before it jumped. Not enough time to swerve. Then, he heard the "boom" of it crashing and then saw in the passenger mirror where it had landed. Afterward, he immediately ordered everyone off the bus.

"I acted to the best I could to hold everybody safe," Hernandez said. "I said out because I didn't know if the deer would get up and start to kick everywhere, every place so I tried to get them out."

Deer crashes into a bus

The video, taken from multiple angles on the bus, starts from the windshield camera. It shows the bus crossing an intersection on Warwick Avenue and then rolling down the block when all of a sudden, the deer pops out from a corner.

Next, the deer seems to notice the bus and pivots toward it. Then, after a step or two, it jumps through the windshield. The bus rolls a few more feet before pulling to the side of the road.

The video angle changes to the front seat rear camera, showing behind the driver. It starts the moment the deer crashes through the window. Glass begins to fly and then the deer along with most of the windshield blasts through.

When the deer and glass hit the aisle floor, they narrowly missed a passenger. Fortunately, the person was seated sideways on the bus. The deer struggles to stand up as it wriggles on the ground.

According to reports, deer crashing into vehicles is actually quite common. In 2023, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management reported more than 1,300 deer-vehicle collisions.