Leupold's Custom Dial System

Video: Shooting With Leupold's Custom Dial System

Quickly transform your shooting capabilities by installing the CDS dial onto your hunting optic.

A quality optic is essential when hunting, especially if you want to make long-range shots that often present themselves in the field. But when you're in the field trying to make adjustments on yardage and windage, it can be difficult. Leupold's Custom Dial System takes the yardage conundrum out of the equation.

But how? Well, Leupold CDS allows you to quickly and easily compensate for bullet drop with the turn of the dial.

Watch how easy it is to adjust and hit your target from serious distances after setting up the CDS only five minutes before. This video showcases the CDS' capabilities paired with a predator hunting rifle.

I know you're what you're thinking; a system that advanced is probably a headache to figure out. That's a common misconception that couldn't be further from the truth.

Tim Lesser of Leupold gives us a quick rundown and shows just how simple it is to install. Once you send in your information, Leupold's custom shop will customize your scope's elevation dial to match the exact ammo load and the conditions you'll be hunting in. This will give you unprecedented precision for the ultimate confidence when you pull the trigger.

Once he zeroes in his hunting rifle, Lesser's ready to take on any varmint at any range with the twist of the wrist.

Leupold has been at the forefront of the optics market year in and year out because of high-quality, innovative products like the CDS. Be sure to check out their product line and find one that fits your style and needs.

Then add the Custom Dial System to make your life much easier and improve your precision at the same time. Hunt hard and be safe, and as Leupold likes to say, #BeRelentless.