Leupold LTO-Quest HD: Thermal Device, Camera and Flashlight

The three-in-one handheld device will make recovering your game way easier.

If you haven't seen the Leupold Thermal Optic Quest HD yet, I highly recommend taking a look. Leupold has been a premiere optics manufacturer for a long time now, blessing us with some incredible products year in and year out. They recently jumped into the thermal handheld device market, and now they have upped the ante with the LTO-Quest HD.

With these capabilities at this price point, the LTO-Quest HD is a remarkable product that needs to be in your pack. There are so many scenarios other than hunting and game recovery where it can shine. The three-in-one thermal device also features a camera and a flashlight, making it far more impressive than I imagined. Weather you're hunting, scouting, tracking, camping, fishing or hiking, this thing will come in handy.

LTO-QUEST HD Product Specifications

  • Thermal sensor: 320 x 240
  • Field of view: 24x28 degrees
  • Detection distance: 750 yards
  • Zoom: 4X digital zoom
  • Battery: internal rechargeable battery, three-hour life
  • Storage: internal storage, minimum of 3,000 images
  • Frame rate: More than 15Hz
  • Focus: fixed focus
  • Flashlight: variable-power, 300-lumen LED
  • Display: 2.4-inch LCD screen
  • User interface: three-button navigation
  • Color palettes/thermal reading filters: Eight options
  • Warranty: Leupold's two-year electronic warranty

As you can see, there are a lot of great features jam-packed into a palm-sized unit.


As soon as I turned it on, I was instantly pleased with the user-friendliness. In just minutes, I had worked through the whole device with the three-button navigation. That quickly, I had the time and date set and knew how to navigate the entire device properly.

As technology continues to advance, many products like this can scare us and seem overwhelming. The LTO-Quest HD, though, is very consumer-friendly, as you can run the entire device fluently without even having to go through the user manual.

I personally like simple, so that's a huge plus in my book.

With the four-hour battery life, it should stay powered for your task at hand. But you can bring the USB charger it comes with and a necessary adaptor along in case you might need it re-juiced.


Flashlights always come in handy. The 300-lumen flashlight on the LTO-Quest HD is an outstanding tool in itself. It has three settings: high, low and strobe. You can even adjust the high and low brightness within the devices settings.

You can save space in your truck, home or hunting bag by getting rid of flashlights. The flashlight within the handheld device is just as good, if not better than any other flashlight I own.

Compact Size

As handheld unit, the LTO-Quest HD is fairly compact. It's light and lean, weighing only 7 ounces, and fits in your pocket or small pouches of your hunting bag.

It comes with a wrist strap and rubber coating grips to help you keep a firm grasp.

Thermal Imagery

Obviously, this is what your paying for in the LTO-Quest HD. We spend countless hours hunting, and we devote a lot of that time to tracking game. Why not capitalize on the ever-improving technology we have available to us? The LTO-Quest HD and its thermal capabilities will make tracking so much easier. With eight different color palettes, you can test each one to see which you prefer.

Here are the eight filter options you can use to spot a blood trail.

You can track the blood trail incredibly well with the thermal technology. Day or night, the thermal sensor picks up the blood and makes it glow, allowing you to follow easily without squinting and searching for small droplets. At night, the flashlight doesn't hinder the thermal readings, so you can search with the light on as well, making for easy tracking.

Be sure to use the handheld LTO-Quest HD to scan your area and surroundings. With up to 750 yard detection, it'll be able to find downed or expired game in dense brush that human eyes wouldn't be able to catch otherwise. Rather than trying to rip through thick sticker brush to see if an animal is hidden in, use this device to search.

Make sure you check your state regulations before purchasing, but a thermal imager can be a great tool for checking fields and woods for deer in your vicinity while choosing routes to your stands.

With the 32-degree field of view, 15-hertz frame rate, 4X zoom and 750-yard range detection, it's hard to believe the LTO-Quest HD is under the $1,000 mark. Although these are all great features, if you're seeking a handheld for predator hunting and scanning, I don't believe this is the best route. It wasn't designed for the hardcore predator hunter. You could, use it to scan fields when calling, but there are much better options out there.

Endless Uses

If you're a hunter, chances are you fill your off-seasons with other activities. You can enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and more with the LTO-Quest HD.

Of course, the flashlight will always come in handy. The thermal readings can even be helpful within your home. If you have a door leaking heat, you can use it to see where the hot spots are.

I have a black lab who is quite the adventurer, and almost impossible to see at night. He recently took off after a rabbit into a field behind our house, I grabbed the LTO-Quest HD and ran out back, and could easily watch him.

I also recently tossed the LTO-Quest HD in my fishing bag and took it on a camping/fishing trip. It was fun to watch animals in the distance with the thermal readings instead of having to shine a light and attract bugs.

Camera and Images Storage

The camera ss just a button away at all times.

The LTO-Quest HD can store 2,000 images, and with USB port and included chord, you can easily transfer them to your computer.

And, by holding the capture button, you can take multiple photos.

Final Thoughts...

Leupold LTO-Quest HD isn't revolutionizing the thermal imaging industry, but considering the three-in-one technology it features, you can't beat the price.

I can't put into words how excited I am to recover a deer with it.