Lake St. Clair muskie
Derek Green/YouTube

Video: No Big Deal, Just a 53-Inch Muskie Slapping This Guy's Face

We'd gladly offer up our faces for a chance to tangle with this Lake St. Clair muskie.

For those anglers who put in the time to chase muskie, landing a 50-inch fish is the benchmark for trophy status. If you've ever flung big baits for these fish of "10,000 casts," you know it's a never-ending game of inches and, more often than not, being just shy of cracking that industry standard.

Derek Green posted the following epic video to his YouTube channel, showcasing the hookup and landing of a 53-inch Lake St. Clair beast of a muskie. And oh yeah, there's also that sweet slap to the face, too!

Sit back and enjoy this monumental catch:

Congrats on an awesome catch, Derek, and awesome to see that your father was along for the ride!

If you want to see what a 55-inch Lake St. Clair muskie looks like, click HERE to see the beast my good friend Christine wrestled with last year. I guarantee it will make your jaw drop.

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