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Video: New Mexico Aoudad Hunt Ends With an Unexpected Bang

This isn't your typical hunting video.

Usually when you watch a hunting video, you're anticipating the walk toward a fallen trophy. As soon as hunters get close enough to lay eyes on their animal, it's always far bigger than they—or we—ever anticipated.

On occasion, there are also the videos that highlight the one that got away. They usually leave you a little disappointed, but still admiring the beauty of the pursuit and the humbling effect hunting can have.

Both leave you with the same feeling the hunter felt firsthand, which is likely the honest approach the video hoped to take.

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"Full Circle," a film from the "Blood Origins Journey" series, doesn't fall in either of these categories. You won't believe how this New Mexico aoudad hunt ends.

Watch the video below:

Plot twist, eh?

Aoudad, or Barbary sheep, are an exotic, non-native animal frequently hunted in the Southwest. Like many exotics, they're a popular choice among hunters, but hard to hunt since most of them are on private land in Texas.

If you're ever lucky enough to scope one, you simply have to make the shot count. Unfortunately for this guy, though, that wasn't how the cards were dealt.

It's hard enough to see someone else post a picture of that deer you've been tracking with your trail camera. Can you imagine having an animal like this in your crosshairs only to hear someone else pull the trigger?

Here's to hoping this guy has success down the road!