Four Mountain Lions
Andy Davis

Video: Mountain Lion Foursome Quench Their Thirst on Colorado Porch

Four mountain lions drank from a hummingbird fountain in someone's backyard!

It's a rare and special treat to spot a single mountain lion, let alone four all at once.

Andy Davis of Conifer, Colorado, peered out his backyard window the morning of July 25 to spot a wondrous scene.

Casually pacing on the raised porch and lapping water from his red hummingbird fountain were four mountain lions.

Watch in amazement as these regal animals quench their thirst and explore the comforts of this inviting backyard oasis:

The mountain lion is a solitary animal and only the female is involved in parenting. Davis' video captured a mother and her three offspring, who'll stay with her for at least two years before venturing off on their own.

The clip is quickly going viral, and it's no wonder, as a sighting such as this is akin to winning the lottery.

Sure beats spotting a hummingbird at the backyard fountain!

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