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Video: Monster Bull Elk Comes Within Inches of Hunter


This man almost got trampled by the elk of a lifetime.

Obviously when you're hunting, you hope to get as close as possible to your quarry. However, could there be a point where you're too close?

Well, this guy definitely has at least one example.

In this video, a hunter calls in a massive bull elk, which trots literally all the way. It's so close, he could literally grab an antler if an antler didn't catch him first. Thank goodness it turned at the last second, otherwise he might've suffered serious injuries.

Watch the video below:

Big Bull Tuesday This huge bull was called in and walks head-on into him nearly stomping him. It's all fun and games until your inches away from this toad!! #mossbackoutfitters #bulelk #bowhunting #utah #publicland #hunting #elk

Posted by BigGame Forever on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A little too close for comfort, eh?

We're not sure if this guy was actually hunting, since he didn't take a shot. Perhaps he had a cow-only tag or maybe he was just in shock and wasn't able to pull the trigger.

Of all the times for something this crazy to happen, it's pretty unbelievable that it was with an elk of this magnitude.

Not only does it appear to be a 6X6 bull, but this thing looks healthy, too!



Video: Monster Bull Elk Comes Within Inches of Hunter