Coues Deer

Video: LunkersTV Shows Just How Tough Hunting for Coues Deer Really Is

Join LunkersTV for an epic Mexico Coues deer hunt!

The Coues Deer is probably the least-known whitetail deer subspecies in North America. This tiny deer lives in some of the harshest desert climates a deer can live in, and they don't grow to a particularly impressive size.

Just for a point of reference, the world record non-typical, as recognized by Pope and Young, only scores 139 2/8 inches.

But the challenge of hunting them is why people seek them out. To get an idea of just how hard it is to hunt these deer, watch Rob, aka: LunkersTV's epic Mexico hunt for one!

As you can see, these deer live in some ridiculously brutal terrain. Usually when you see an area like this, people are hunting either bighorn sheep or elk. This is part of what makes it so hard to hunt them.

It's awfully hard to spot such a small deer in such thick cover.

But the good news is, packing out a deer that small has got to be much easier than an elk or other big game animal!

This buck may have seemed small, but it's actually a pretty decent buck for this subspecies of deer. One thing is for sure, Rob will likely never forget the hunt for this one. Congrats on your harvest Lunkers!