Video: Killer Blow-Up on One End, Marauding Shark on the Other

Here's yet another great blow-up interrupted by a shark assault.

It just seems like whenever a saltwater fisherman has a great hook-up, it's only a matter of time until the worst happens. Getting a great strike is one thing, but actually landing it is something else.

Enter one fisherman with a propensity for patience and guile to entice a beautiful fish. And, once it hit like a truck, the fight was on.

The only trouble is the fish goes under the boat, then off on a spectacular run that makes the drag start screaming. Things quickly take a turn, though. Watch what happens at the end.


One shark with an appetite sure can ruin the day, can't it? As much as we hate to see it happen so often, it's just part of fishing the big water. When a shark detects the manic behavior of a fish in distress, it's game on.

At least that angler got to have a good battle for a minute or two, though.

It just goes to show you why sharks are such great foes for fishermen to target! Now, if we could only get them to stick to a bait and not our catch!

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