elk playing basketball
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Video: Kid Casually Plays Basketball With a Dog and an Elk

Who knew an elk could act so domesticated?

Even though there's really no rhyme or reason to this game of basketball, it does feature some entertaining players. That's right, this little boy is kicking a ball around with a dog and an elk on a ranch somewhere in Wyoming.

Not only is the elk not scared of the boy, but neither he nor the dog is scared of the elk. You would swear these three have been doing this every weekend for years.

Elk are notorious for dusting off people that get too close, so this video certainly makes you wonder what these people did to make this one so comfortable around them.

Watch the video below:

It's weird how often animals exhibit these kind of paternal instincts, isn't it? Dogs are just naturally gentler with children, and apparently, so are elk. Something tells me that elk doesn't play with the adults the same way it plays with this boy.

Do people out west realize how lucky they are to be able to experience wildlife like this? Meanwhile, the rest of us on the other side of the country get excited to see a whitetail deer.

The only concerning part of this video is the possibility that this deer is wild and depends on these folks for food, which can be seriously detrimental for the animal. Wildlife officials are constantly reminding people to avoid feeding or approaching wildlife, which clearly hasn't resonated with this family. However, it's hard to knock anyone who can get an elk to do this.

How do you think they first approached it?