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Video: Is This What They Mean by 'Walleye Chop?'

KGLO News/Facebook

A lake can be a dangerous place to play when a storm rolls in.

We've all heard the term "walleye chop." We know those two words best describe an increase in wind and wave action that seem to rile those greenbacks up.

This might be taking it to the extreme, though.

Shot May 28, the following footage shows Iowa's Clear Lake being pummeled as a fierce evening storm rages through.

Clear Lake storm May 28th 2018 --- Lady of the Lake

Video from the Lady of the Lake in Clear Lake in the middle of Monday evening's storm. (Courtesy Lady of the Lake/Scott Monson ) #iawx

Posted by KGLO News on Monday, May 28, 2018

Talk about getting rocked.

We're pretty certain the boat on the left will need a new clear coat at the bare minimum.

Whether the fish are biting or not, you'd have to be nuts to venture out in weather like that.

Here's hoping all the folks made it back to shore safe and sound.

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Video: Is This What They Mean by 'Walleye Chop?'