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14-Foot Hammerhead Shark Big Enough to Be a World Record

Shark fishing is a bittersweet pastime. On one hand, it allows us as anglers to go toe to toe with the most dominant aquatic predators on the planet. The idea of catching a 1,000-pound fish sounds ridiculous to begin with, so actually winning the fight with a shark in that ballpark is quite a feat.

However, we don't have a ton of time to enjoy the encounter, as we have to immediately return sharks to the water in order for them to survive. So, we're left with a feeling similar to when we hop off an awesome roller coaster: exhilarated, but cut short.

That said, there's nothing for Greg Norman to feel bitter about after his recent Florida saltwater fishing trip. Even though the BlacktipH crew wasn't able to give it an official measurement, the old-fashioned rope measurement indicated that this massive hammerhead shark was most likely world record.

Watch the video below:


Even after a long, drawn-out fight, these guys had no idea they had an animal this big on the line until they had it up next to the boat. They estimated the overall length to be about 175 inches, while the current world record is only 171 inches.

Josh Jorgensen, the man behind the name "BlacktipH," has landed his fair share of trophy-class fish, and has likely guided others to just as many. But there's certainly a big difference between a trophy and a world record.

To ensure the fish swam away safely, these guys jumped in the water with the shark. Can you imagine being that close to a predator of that magnitude?

Congrats to Norman on an incredible catch and a tip of the cap to Jorgensen on his continued saltwater success!