Emergency Water
YouTube: Taras Kul

Taste Testing 60-Year-Old, Cold War Era Canned Emergency Water

The Crazy Russian Hacker decided to open these cans for a taste test after 60 years. Do you think they're safe to drink?

Back during the Cold War, there was a lot of crazy prepping going on because everyone was convinced that total nuclear war could break out at any moment. If the bombs flew, everyone would have to take shelter in emergency bunkers and hunker down until things settled down. Most of this hype eventually died down, but during the 1950 and 60s, there was quite a bit of political tension going around. As a result, we got a lot of government-issued emergency supplies that were meant to store for a long time in case everyone needed to take shelter.

Some of this stuff is humorous to see now, but back then, it was serious stuff. The Crazy Russian Hacker has sometimes unboxed some pretty cool survival items from the Cold War to see if they're still good to use all these years later.

In the case of this water, he subjects it to some quality tests first before a final taste test.

It always fascinates us to see relics like this and to realize what a different time it was. There are some people who still have these fears, but for the most part, it's not something we must worry about these days. Other than a little bit of a "stale taste," it appears these cans are still good to go all these years later. This obviously shouldn't be your first choice of water in an emergency, but if there is nothing else, stale water is probably better than none at all.

It really is interesting to see how these Cold War era relics held up all these years later. It just goes to show they really knew what they were doing when they prepped these supplies!