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Watch: What If Deer Hunters Held an NFL-Style Post-Hunt Press Conference

We love an NFL post-game presser—and we love hunting. Could it get any better?

Fall, for many of us, is our very favorite season, the one we've been waiting for all year. Sure, the fall foliage is nice, Halloween is a hoot, and fall fishing can be some of the best of the year. But fall's greatness really comes down to two simple things: the start of football season and deer hunting season. There is nothing quite like spending a day out hunting deer and then coming home to watch the game on your big screen, with a comfy couch beneath you and a big ol' venison appetizer on your lap.

And the only thing better than those football and hunting? If you somehow combined the two together.

Well, that's exactly what the guys at Catchin' Deers decided to do with the "We Hunted Hard" video that they posted on their Facebook. They took a hunting recap and turned it into a hilarious post-game NFL press conference, complete with all the things that make a press conference interesting: complete silence, wild cursing or abruptly relinquishing the podium.

The combination results in a post-hunt presser that is pure comedic gold. Any of it sound familiar to you or your buddies' hunting recaps?


Now that was worthy of a chuckle or two! If touchdowns equal harvests and running backs and wide receivers indicate hunters, then the folks at ESPN could dissect this video to pieces, until their hearts' content. We especially love the tiny details in the video, like the live ticker tape running at the bottom of the screen and the "Catchin' Deers" backdrop.

When it gets to be Super Bowl time, the guys from Catchin' Deers would make dang good head coaches.

We bet you'll never watch another NFL presser the same after this!

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