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Video: Hunters Save Tangled-Up Pronghorn in Utah

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources/Facebook

Elk hunters lend a helping hand to a pronghorn in need. 

Getting tangled in a wire fence often ends in a life-and-death struggle for wildlife. Without a helping hand, breaking free from the confines of barbs and metal can be a losing battle.

Things were looking dire for this tangled-up pronghorn, that is, until a pair of hunters on their way back from chasing elk in Utah's Uinta Mountains happened upon the scene. 

Donald Bearce and his son Josh Coleman Bearce jumped in to lend a hand, ultimately saving this pronghorn.

Turn up your speakers to hear some seldom-heard pronghorn vocalizations.

Pronghorn Rescue in Utah

Hunters help conserve wildlife — in more ways than one!Donald Bearce and his son Josh Coleman Bearce were coming back from hunting elk in Utah's Uinta Mountains when they saw a pronghorn tangled in a fence. Turn up the volume to hear an interesting pronghorn vocalization. Many thanks to Aaron Wright for the footage.

Posted by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on Monday, October 15, 2018

Hunters helping wildlife. It's simply who we are.

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Video: Hunters Save Tangled-Up Pronghorn in Utah