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Tennessee Deer Attempts to Jump Fence to No Avail

Tennessee deer

This Tennessee deer imagined it could fly and the fence won.

A Tennessee deer bit off a little bit more than it could chew while attempting to jump a fence much taller than it had the ability to.

When officials arrived in Powell, this is what they discovered.

"The deer, they try to jump these fences, or go through them sometimes. We have them get hung up on them from time-to-time,"said Smith. "Each situation is different and we just have to handle them as they come."

tennessee deer in fence

Sergeant Roy Smith with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency was called on to the scene to assess the situation in which they decided to tranquilize the deer.

Luckily Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency successfully tranquilized the deer from impending doom and the whitetail ran off after it woke up.

"We'll look and see if the animal has a good chance of surviving. If it does we'll release it , if not we'll likely euthanize it," said Smith.

While the injuries to the deer looked severe, the deer was able to scamper off.

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Tennessee Deer Attempts to Jump Fence to No Avail