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Video: Hungry Coyote Goes Apple Picking

Coyotes Climb Trees
Kathy Wilson/Facebook

Can coyotes climb trees? You bet they can!

The coyote is a cunning and resourceful predator, agile on foot and quick on the trot. But there's no chance they can climb trees, right?

Apparently they can, as the following video proves. Kathy Wilson filmed this eye-opening footage in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which shows a hungry coyote high in a tree feasting on crab apples.

Wilson caught this unusual behavior on February 20, and since posting it on Facebook, the video has gone viral.

Nature certainly is full of surprises.

Coyote back up in the tree eating apples.

Posted by Kathy Wilson on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Have you ever come across a yote high in a tree? We'd love to hear your stories.

Step aside black bear - there's a new tree climber in town!

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Video: Hungry Coyote Goes Apple Picking