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High-Flying Sturgeon Puts on Show for Idaho Kayakers

There's no denying the unbridled strength a heavy-weight sturgeon possesses. These Goliath fish, which are among the most ancient that still swim today, will test any angler's fishing prowess when hooked. A pair of Idaho kayak anglers tussled with an 8-foot giant March 31 while fishing the famed Snake River. For Steven Carroll, the lucky angler who hooked and landed the trophy sturgeon, it was the largest he's ever battled with. As for his buddy, Bryce Thompson, this would be his first time fishing from a kayak for these prehistoric fish.

The battle lasted almost an hour, and as you're about to see, it was spectacular in every sense imaginable.

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As awesome as this sequence is for our own entertainment purposes, you have to admit this situation would be as scary as it would be cool if you were the one sitting in that kayak. A fish that big weighs enough to flip the boat, and ultimately, to hurt someone if it were to take an unfortunate landing. In accordance with state regulations, these anglers did the right thing by quickly taking a measurement and promptly releasing it to cross paths with the next lucky angler.

If after seeing this clip, you find yourself wanting to chase the same rush, you ultimately just need to get yourself on the water. However, before you do, be sure to research your local regulations to make sure not only your waters hold them, but also that you're up to speed on the restrictions that often apply to sturgeon fishing. Sturgeon aren't easy fish to track down, so it's worth scouting waters that are known to hold them, as you could waste a lot of time casting in the wrong places.

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