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Golfer Drills Duck Out of the Sky with a Murderous Drive

This is duck hunting like you've never seen it before.

Next time you're in the duck blind and miss that mallard that is feet down, locked up, and in your face at 10 yards, remind yourself of this video and just how terrible of a shot you are.

Not since Randy Johnson's 100 mph fastball connected with a pigeon that was in the wrong place at the wrong time have we seen an athlete take out an animal in the middle of a contest. Well, now, that has changed, as video has emerged that catches this golfer absolutely hammering a duck out of the sky from the tee box with a ball and club.

So much for the term "Lucky Duck." As you can see, the golfer and his buddies are at a loss for words as they chuckle and ask, "Did that really just happen?" Sometimes you are just glad things get on film so people will believe you.

Apparently the duck did not hear him yell fore. One in a million for sure.

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Golfer Drills Duck Out of the Sky with a Murderous Drive