Simply Awesome Video of Michael Waddell Blowing a Turkey's Head Clean Off

Instant decapitation: that's one way to ensure a turkey kill.

Turkey season is in full swing in some places and just a few weeks out in most. That means one thing. Big toms are on our minds!

Speaking of minds, Michael Waddell blows our minds by blowing this tom's head and mind clear off it's body. When they get in that close, the shot pattern can be the equivalent of a slug.

And this gobbler found out the hard way.

Waddell has always been a turkey whisperer, as he has made a living in the outdoors stemming from his youthful days calling turkeys. Now he is some what of a turkey magician after this video. Magically making the tom's head disappear from the frame.

Now you see it, now you don't.


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