Triple Turkey Kill Like You Have Never Seen, Plus a Boy's First Longbeard

Killing your first longbeard is always a special hunt and will have you hooked for life, but not very often is it part of an amazing triple like this.

Chasing the king of spring is an addiction. And there is a pretty good chance, this youngster will be doing it every year as long as he lives now. The triple turkey kill video shows just how exciting the turkey woods can be when things go right.

Fired up, the gobblers sound off and let the hunters of Team Radical know things are about to get interesting. After a few hens show themselves into the decoy spread, they know it is just a matter of time before ol' tom shows himself.

The gobbler makes his way in, puts on a show, and Gavin ends it with a bang on his first ever bird. But the best is yet to come.

Before they can even get out and get pictures of the youth hunter's first bird, Brandon hears a gobble pretty close and closing.

Before he gets back to the blind and has the door zipped up, the other toms are within visible range. With multiple camera angles the footage shows a great representation of the birds working the decoys and how it all unfolds. Brandon and Gavin's father then lay down the hammer and put two more great thunder chickens to rest.

What a special day for three hunters to be a part of and to be able to remember the rest of their hunting careers. Nothing beats your first bird, but Gavin might now know just how crazy and special that hunt was until a few more years of chasing the king of spring.

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