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Getting a Boat on the Trailer is an Acquired Skill for Some Folks

boat fail
Facebook: Chuck Coxie

Try not to giggle at this hilarious boat ramp ridiculousness.

We've all been that newbie at the boat ramp, unsure of the nuances involved in getting a boat off or on the trailer. It's not as easy as it looks.

Chuck Coxie didn't have beginner's luck on his side when he attempted to put his boat on the trailer for the first time. Lucky for us, his giggling buddy filmed the folly-filled frustrations for any and all to see.

We think you'll agree Chuck definitely saved his best attempt for last!

Chuck put the following description in his Facebook post:

"This was to funny not to post. My first time putting a boat on a trailer. Yes I eventually got it on there. Sometimes u just gotta laugh at yourself. And thanks Greg Reeves for the commentary."

Hopefully his next attempt goes a little more smoothly.

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Getting a Boat on the Trailer is an Acquired Skill for Some Folks