Carley Gordon

Carp Owns Tennessee News Reporter in Hilarious Clip

She was so composed... well, until the fish shook free from her hands!

Channel 4's Carley Gordon is our type of reporter: one who isn't afraid to laugh at herself when things get a little crazy on camera. That couldn't be more true for a segment she shot with a pair of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officers, intending to highlight the invasive Asian carp. Well, the fish was highlighted, all right.

Things were going so well at the start, as Carley confidently held a 12 pound fish to begin her intro. A few seconds in, however, not so much.

Sit back and enjoy this hilarious 'blooper' clip:

We have to hand it to her, she's a great sport.

In an interview she gave to, she had this to say about the comedy of errors:

"I do take my job very seriously.  Any day I can make someone smile or laugh, in this case lots of people smile and laugh, that's a good news day for me, a great news day, so I'll take it."

Thanks for brightening our day, Carley.

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