Video: Fox and Coyote Battle Frozen in Time, Or is Something Amiss?

This fellow just happened upon a fox and coyote found frozen mid-fight, right there on the spot. Allegedly, that is...

With today's ease of photographic and video shenanigans, sometimes it's easy to spot a fake, and sometimes not. For our purposes we need to start by taking this person's word for his discovery of a frozen fox and coyote at face value, but not everyone may feel the same way.

Michael Rasmussen posted the video to Facebook with the accompanying caption:

"Coyote and fox that froze to death in the middle of a fight out on Swan lake in Silver Lake MN!

Update: The few days before the video it was -33°f(-65°f with windchill) and windy. The day we took the video it was around 22°f/25°f. No they're not taxidermied or stuffed. No we did not set them up."

Is it even possible for two warm-blooded animals to freeze at the same time? The red fox shows signs of bleeding, did it die before it could fall? Did the coyote freeze solid while trying to fight the fox?

It can't be the first time animals like this encountered each other, but what exactly happened?

You'll have more questions than these after watching this:

My best friend's grandfather Earl (RIP) had a saying that we still live by: "A man's only as good as his word." Having said that, we need to put aside our doubts that this was a set up and just enjoy the fact that nature sometimes leaves astounding mysteries for humans to discover.

But did they really die while in the heat of battle? How could two such nimble and mobile creatures perish without running for cover from the cold weather?

It makes a heck of a story, and we've seen plenty of funny ice fishing pranks to stay skeptical, even in the winter.

I'm not doubting that Rasmussen and his friends found this out on Swan Lake—and we've seen scenarios like this before—just that the stars and planets need to align for such an event to occur!

What do you think? With temperatures so stunningly raw across North America, could two wild animals freeze solid right in front of each other? Let the discussion begin!

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