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Man Finds Lake Littered With Frozen Carp

frozen carp
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These carp are frozen in time and on the lake. How did this happen?

This is a small lake or slow-moving river that froze up and took all these carp with it.

Some of them are just about through the ice, while still others are slightly underneath of it, suggesting they were already floating when the water froze.

Watch the video and decide for yourself:

Frozen Carp

Anybody ever see anything like this? This video shot by via Kevin Brown, captured this amazing video!!I am curious as to if these carp will pull through after the ice thaws? He will give us an update when it does thaw. Whats your guess? Dead or Alive?

Posted by Bass Masters And Fish Experts on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Since these fish are frozen solid at the surface--laying mostly sideways--it stands to reason they were already dead or dying.

It was probably partly due to shallow, low-oxygen water as well, but feel free to make your own call!



Man Finds Lake Littered With Frozen Carp