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YouTube:Monster Mike Fishing

Video: Finding Nemo Toy Actually Makes for an Awesome Fishing Lure

Nemo is now a dynamite fishing lure!

Fishermen are on a never-ending quest to find the perfect fishing lure. In the internet age especially, we've seen people become quite creative, making everything from iPhones to bottle caps into lures. If there's something that could work, someone's undoubtedly tried it.

Monster Mike Fishing on YouTube found a battery-operated, swimming "Finding Nemo" toy in a store and decided to add a treble hook to it and try it on peacock bass.

This Disney Pixar children's bath toy looks nothing like anything in the wild, so this can't possibly work. Right? Well, the results may surprise you.

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Who would've thought a children's bath toy would make such a great lure? This thing wasn't made for fishing, but it has some amazing action when the tail really gets going. That peacock bass has likely never seen anything like it.

Even better than the tail action is the noise this toy makes. It really seems to trigger something in the peacock bass' predatory instincts. It came in again and again trying to kill that lure. It just goes to show a little creativity and outside-the-box thinking can lead to success.

It's not the best lure, but the Finding Nemo swim toy is hilarious. Want to give the DIY fishing lure a try? The Disney Finding Nemo toy is available on Amazon. A customer says the clownfish swims better than expected. Someone ought to leave a review and say it doubles as a fishing lure.

You can even go all out and get a Dory swimming toy. So what's next for the Finding Nemo toy? Deep sea fishing?

This post was originally published on July 16, 2018.