Video: Family of Minks Traveling Together is Too Good to Be True

This adorable family of minks taking a swim will leave you smiling all day.

The American mink may be a small mammal, but they have a big heart. Even with the short legs, the wild mink can move quickly, especially when mating season has given them a full house to deal with!

Mink populations in the United States and Canada are listed as "least-concern" and can be found in most of the contiguous U.S. and Canada, all the way to Alaska. They can be dark brown or a chocolate brown in color, and they have excellent freshwater swimming skills.

They're also cute as all get out, as you can see right here:

Mating minks can be a rough process, as males are known to bite and pin the females anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. The gestation period lasts around 50-60 days with an average litter of four or five kits.

This member of the weasel family has few natural predators of their own, although the great horned owl tends to be fond of them. Minks pelts are still a much-sought-after fur in the trapping game, too. This member of the family mustelidae can be found on fur farms as well.

It was obviously just breeding season since the female mink shown here has her hands full with the little family unit she created. And, luckily these small rodents are excellent swimmers! Thanks to Twitter user Diane-Rabbit for sharing this ultra-cute look at one of our favorite animals.

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